Undergraduate learning

Learning in the Community Program - One Health of Peripherires

In this project, students coordinate health education actions developed in Jardim São Remo, a neighboring community of the University of São Paulo. More than instructors, students are participants of a collective, playful, and dialogic construction, with children, teachers, educators, and other members of the São Remo community. The actions seek to (1) consolidate a neighborly relationship between the university and the São Remo community, based on mutual welcoming, collaboration, and plural knowledge; (2) to deepen the knowledge about the ways and lifestyles in São Remo, and; (3) to identify opportunities to promote health. The project is coordinated by Professor Oswaldo Baquero.

OHP students and Circo Escola children and educators building relationships. Of course, drumming! Jardim, São Remo.

Internship in One Health of Peripheries

The Department of Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science of the University of São Paulo (FMVZ-USP) offers an internship in OHP. In it, students discuss the theoretical background of OHP; collect, analyze, and interpret data about selected topics in OHP; and together with an NGO, they develop health education activities for children. So far, we have worked with the Espaço Girassol, which in Jardim São Remo is coordinated by Elbio Miyahira. Professors Evelise Telles, Fábio Gregori, José Soares, and Oswaldo Baquero coordinate the internship.

Children drawing what they liked the most about an activity. Sunflower Space, São Remo Garden.

Learning in the Community Program - Multiprofessional practice in Primary Health Care

The project seeks to consolidate and expand a successful teaching-service interaction strategy conducted through an undergraduate course that receives students from all health courses. It is an optional course. Since 2016, with two annual offerings, the Primary Health Care Multiprofessional Practice course (PMABS for its Portuguese initials) has taken interprofessional groups of health students to Primary Health Care scenarios. Students engage in guided practices and critically reflect on the National Health System (SUS). The interactions are agreed upon and evaluated in a shared way by the university and the health service. In 2021, the project received new preceptors and teachers, expanded to Secondary Health Care, and initiated a collaboration with the OHP network to embrace community actions and deepen the understanding of territorial dynamics. Professor Ligia Ferreira Gomes from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences coordinates this project.

Research opportunities

We offer mentorship for Master and Ph.D. projects at the Department of Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health of the School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health of the University of São Paulo VPS-FMVZ-USP. We also supervise postdoctoral projects at the VPS-FMVZ-USP and at the Research Group on the Periphery of the Institute for Advanced Studies nPeriferias-IEA-USP. Interested students and researchers should contact us to check the availability of vacancies, send their curriculum vitae, and a letter explaining why they intend to work with OHP. Additionally, they should be familiar with the two publications listed below, with some references of at least two sections of the list available below, and have a research proposal. Proposals involving agribusiness externalities and/or socially and ecologically sustainable agriculture will be specially considered.


Here we share a list of references that is characterized above all by its incompleteness and arbitrary division. Many of them are in a given section but could be repeated in others. Many more do not even appear in the list despite their quality and relevance to OHP. However, the aim is to provide entry points into topics relevant for OHP, specially when intertwined and sometimes reformulated or deformed.

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