One Health of Peripheries

One Health of Peripheries (OHP or SUP for its Portuguese initials) comprises experiences, understandings, and decolonial transformations of the health of marginalized multispecies collectives. These collectives have a particularity: they are formed by individuals of different species who relate to each other and other elements of the environment, giving rise to complex environments in which political decisions and social relations do not involve only humans and determine health. Other animals are also part of social entanglements that, on the one hand, benefit them while, on the other, explore and use them to structure and legitimize social hierarchies. OHP is also a network of people, projects, and institutions dedicated to promoting One Health of Peripheries.

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The selected canadidates of the call Agente Mirim da Saúde Única em Periferias (Little Agents of One Health of Peripheries) are, in alphabetic order: Bruno Jesus, Cassiane Oliveira Duarte, Gabriel Santos, Helmara Lima, Juliana Silva, Julia Thauany Rodrigues Santana, Thuany Bibiano, and Vitória Nunes.

The project Agentes Mirim da Saúde Única em Periferias (Little Agents of One Health of Peripheries) opens a call to offer scholarships to adolescents who will participate in community actions to promote OHP. Check out the call here.

The webinar series Insalubridade e frigoríficos (slaughterhouses and ill-health), organized by the OHP network and the nPeriferias group, will address biosecurity discourses, precarious working conditions, risk classification, and violence spillover from animals and workers in slaughterhouses to neighbor communities. There will be four presentations in Portuguese, each one based on a study, and a fifth meeting to discuss a documentary.
Image source: We Animals.

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Professor Oswaldo Baquero from the OHP network is the guest speaker to discuss One Health of Peripheries in the 1st IVSA Regional Symposium of the Americas - Public Health.

The Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of São Paulo publishes an article on the Pontes e Vivências de Saberes census, which collected human and animal demographic data, as well as socio-cultural and economic information. Professor Oswaldo Baquero from the SUP network is the coordinator of the animal census and one of the interviewees. Check out the Portuguese article.

Veterinarian Mayara Bertanhe of the OHP network presents the OHP network research entitled Theory of planned behavior and hand hygiene by children and adolescents in the Jardim São Remo favela, São Paulo, Brazil, in the4° Congresso Brasileiro de Política, Planejamento e Gestão de Saúde: O SUS e o projeto civilizatório: cenário, alternativas e propostas.

The OHP project, among 223 Brazilian projects from different areas of knowledge, and despite its embryonic stage, receives the first place in the 1° Solidarity Learning Award - Transformative Experiences. The OHP network thanks the São Remo community for all the lessons learned. It also acknowledges the Dean of Graduate Studies (Program Learning in the Community) and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science of the University of São Paulo for their support.

The OHP project is selected in the second call of the program Learning in the Community of the Undergraduate Dean's Office of the University of São Paulo. With this, the OHP network advances in the consolidation of participatory spaces to promote health through plural knowledge.

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One Health of Peripheries: biopolitics, social determination, and field of praxis.
From modern Planetary Health to decolonial promotion of One Health of Peripheries.

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